Important Update: We are glad to announce that the morning worship service here at Faith Baptist Church has resumed. At this time we have no other events scheduled apart from Sunday morning worship. The service is scheduled to begin at 10:30am (please arrive between 10:00-10:15am). We remain thankful to the Lord for his sustaining grace during this unique season under His divine providence. We encourage you to remember the sovereignty and goodness of our God as we continue to pray for his protection, entrusting ourselves to His infinite wisdom and good purposes (Romans 11:33). 

As Faith Baptist Church resumes meeting as a congregation for Sunday service, these measures are being used to observe social distancing:

  • Arrival: As we will be seating one group at a time, please kindly arrive by 10AM on Sunday to church and no later than 10:15AM so that there is ample time to seat everyone when service begins. Late arrivals will be difficult to accommodate.
  • Entrance: Please enter through the center main doors into the foyer. A deacon will greet you and usher you to your seat.
  • Seating: Out of courtesy for all in attendance, once the ushers bring you to a seat please kindly remain in that seat. The elders know that having not seen each other in such a long time, we all have the desire to get up and go greet one another. We greatly look forward to the day when we can resume that type of fellowship. For now, we appreciate your patience, understanding, and consideration for all those around you. 

Lord's Supper 

  • Instructions will be given at the commencement of the Lord's Supper by one of the elders. Please follow these instructions to observe social distancing.
  • Starting from the front of the sanctuary, you will be dismissed pew by pew. Please walk towards the center of your pew and down the center aisle. Once you have taken the elements, please return to your pew by walking along the side aisles.

Bulletins: A digital copy of the weekly bulletin may be found online.